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Matte black frame
2 Lens: Revo Gold and Black Opaque
2 straps: Black and White.
Hard case and microfiber soft case for cleaning the lens.

The EJ  goggles are recommended for all ski levels. Googles with magnetic exchangeable lens for better adaptation to different weather conditions. This google offers interchangeable magnetic lens, UVA protection, image clarity, anti-fog system, anti-grating lens, flexible and lightweight frame, maximum hold and comfort, strength, durability. Designed with latest technologies. In compliance with EC directive EN-174 Product: 2001.


///  INTERCHANGEABLE LENS TECH > Lens can be exchanged if environmental and visibility conditions warrant. The IL Tech provides the structure and the lens with an extreme magnetization system that allows switching lens easier and faster, ensuring fixation and total isolation.

///  THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANE FRAME > The evolution of this material has been decisive, as it provides flexibility and lightness to the structure of the googles and maximum strength and durability.



/// POLYCARBONATE + CELLULOSE ACETATE LENS > The PC+CA lenses are the ones that offer the best performance on the market for winter sports: lightness, impact resistance, UV protection and better image clarity than other materials.

///  TRIPEL FOAM CONFORT >The coupling of the glasses is made on triple layer foam (40% thinner), enhanced and softened, giving the skier comfort, fixation and isolation.

///  TRIPLE SLIP FIX > The strap incorporates a system of double and triple slip buckle for easier adjustment and to avoid movements.

///  INTERCHANGEABLE STRAP > This development is incorporated to allow easy strap change.

///  ANTI-FOG SYSTEM > This googles come with integrated perimeter ventilation, secured by lateral and frontal escape routes allowing air traffic and maintaining the optimum temperature, avoid fogging of the lenses on adverse weather conditions.

///  180 PERSPECTIVE SYSTEM > Thanks to the breadth of the visual field provided by the lens size and the 3SF&3FC systems, the skier has an integral visual perspective.


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